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Chicago Bulls MVP point guard Derrick Rose is the ultimate hometown hero: born and raised on Chicago's South Side, he idolized Michael Jordan leading the Bulls to glory as a boy, and now he's following in MJ's footsteps as a man (THE man!).

D Rose has the amazing moves and determination of His Heirness, the strength and toughness of a street-balling South-Sider, and the humble dedication to improvement and teamwork of a true professional. When the Bulls had the first selection of the 2008 draft, there was little doubt that they would grab the local product, and when new NBA rules allowed them to re-sign Derrick (after becoming the youngest MVP in league history), they quickly locked him up through the 2017 season.

Leading this great franchise back to prominence has almost seemed like D's destiny -- and now it's his reality. He got them to the conference finals last year and is still improving -- he's rightfully the face of the franchise , and this design paints as such...literally!

Derrick Rose is more than a Bulls player -- he is the team personified, and this fun shirt depicts him just that way: half-man, half-Bull, ALL CHICAGO! No mere Photoshopped image, this is an original hand-drawn high-res vector graphic that "surgically" morphs Derrick with his squad's mascot. They come on 100% cotton pre-shrunk red shirts in sizes small through 4XL (alternate sizes/cuts/styles/colors may be available on request).

(Children/Women's Sizes Available)