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It's a story so bizarre that Agent Dale Cooper should be on the case. It's a crazy tale that's still unraveling and we're not even sure what to make of it...except, of course, to make fun.

Anyone who's watched Manti Te'o play middle linebacker for Notre Dame's Fighting Irish knows that he has a world of talent and a nose for the ball. Anyone who's watched Te'o interviewed likely thought he was a nice kid, if a bit dull and vacant. No one likely guessed that this Hawaiian Hitman was either devious enough to pull a complex scam on the national media, or so naive as to fall for a hole-ridden hoax...yet one or the other of these scenarios seem true.

During a season in the spotlight (on the field and off), Manti Te'o was extensively profiled as he pursued a national championship and the Heisman Trophy. Hundreds of stories documented his heritage, his family, his recruitment...and the heavy burden weighing on his heart during this 2012 campaign: the death of Lennay Ketua, the "love of [his] life." Except that has uncovered that Lennay never existed.

After repeatedly telling the world that his long-term, long-distance girlfriend was first in a car crash, then diagnosed with leukemia, then died just hours before a big Notre Dame game, Manti now needs to tell us what was behind the big lie - did he do this for publicity, did he do this for sympathy, was he a victim of an elaborate "catfish" con (and how would that be possible)? We think this whole mystery has turned South Bend into Twin Peaks, with the fictional Lennay Ketua taking the place of Laura Palmer.

Of course no one killed her, and no one died since Lennay never we'll just grab some popcorn, scratch our heads and watch this unfold in our fun new shirts. Like all National Fanthem, it's not an official shirt of any player, school, organization or David Lynch mindjob -- it's just a comical piece of original art from our imagination; drawn by hand and rendered digitally as a lossless high-resolution vector graphic for perfect printing.It's available on Gold or Sport Grey heavyweight pre-shrunk shirts in sizes small through 5XL. (Alternate brands/cuts/colors/sizes can be custom-printed for little additional cost).

(Children/Women's Sizes Available)