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National Fanthem designs represent original artistic expressions inspired by our love of various teams and sports, but (obviously) are not official team/league/school/organization/player merchandise or endorsed by any team or league or school or organization or player in any way. For official licensed merchandise consisting of actual logos and devoid of fans' perspective, editorial comment or artistic expression, please visit and support the registered websites of your favorite organizations.
As passionate groups around the globe publicly demonstrate displeasure with the status quo, shouldn't the blue-blooded members of Cub Nation seize the opportunity to also demand change of their leaders? We're not talking about Tahrir Square or Wall Street, we say OCCUPY WRIGLEY!

Middle East dictators have oppressed their Arabian subjugates since WWII, and Wall Street con men have marauded our finances since Gordon Gecko made it chic...but the Cubs have broken our hearts, taken our money and dashed our dreams for over a century! Maybe it's time to stop blindly cheering and start constructively jeering.

OK, OK, we know that Theo Epstein's crew is promising a new era at Clark and Addison, and we know that "occupying" Wrigley Field is exactly what the Ricketts want (when it's 3M ticket holders drinking $7 beers)...but we're advocating thoughtful protest over mindless praise. Let your voice be heard (and get smiles amongst your friends) via a time-honored Wrigley tradition: the witty tee shirt!

Playing off the fervor of the international "Occupy" movement and its adoption of the Guy Fawkes mask identified with civil disobedience, we've adapted the slogans and imagery to our North Side needs, and you can get the look in ash, white, light blue or royal blue on 100% cotton pre-shrunk shirts in sizes up to 4XL. (Alternate brands/cuts/colors/sizes can be custom-printed for little additional cost).

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