To provide the most detailed designs and greatest variety of shirt styles and colors, National Fanthem uses a variety of printing methodstailored to meet the needs/demands of each design. A few models are screen-printed and kept in stock while most are printed on-demand to your specifications. Our automated production process results in:

Quality Printing: Our screen-printed tees are produced by a great local printer so accomplished that they provide services to a major nationwide artistic label and even some of the in-town teams which we skew. Our on-demand printer's technology features state-of-the-art software and machinery that work in perfectly programmed concert to generate tees with a level of detailed artwork and color gradations that are unachievable with more simplistic screen prints. This is not cheesy heat-transfer applications: the DTG (Direct-To-Garment) process has evolved so that today's products feature durable under-printing, vibrant colors, sharp lines and artwork clarity that meld the quality of screen-printed shirts with the versatility allowed by multiple ink jets to accurately capture whatever our artists can conceive.

Custom Orders: Since most of our fulfillment is printed on-demand, custom orders are not a problem (and often no extra charge) -- we list our recommended color selections on Gildan brand tees, but can substitute another style/brand/material/cut/color - CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL AVAILABLE OPTIONS.

Shipping: To accurately capture our detailed artwork and provide a wide array of color/size options most are printed individually on-demand to fulfill your order, but a streamlined process means that most printing-and-shipping is completed in 1-5 business days (depending on selection, availability). Shirts are sent via the US Postal service with delivery confirmation numbers that will be emailed to you. On-demand designs cannot have their production expedited, but upgraded shipping options (Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express) are available at checkout. Listed shipping times describe the transit period of your package only and do not include production time described above.

Returns/Exchanges: Please select colors/sizes and shirt styles carefully. TO offer the widest selection possible, our tees are printed on-demand to meet your design/color/size/style request, so we cannot accept returns and can offer exchanges only for quality control reasons. Contact us right away if there is a problem with the shirt received and we will work to get you a replacement if necessitated, but we can't take back tees based on a change of heart regarding color or size. Sorry. If you wish to cancel an order after it has been processed but before it prints, we can return only half the purchase price of the tee (plus shipping), as our printers charge us for the ordered blank shirt and the manual intervention in the automated production proces.

Unless otherwise noted on shirt description pages, tees, all man, woman and youth cuts are printed on Gildan heavyweight cotton shirts. Alternate styles and premium brands (such as Bella, Canvas, American Apparel and more) can be special-ordered for little additional cost.

Most all of our designs can also be printed on a wide variety of alternate shirts spanning all measures of colors/sizing/materials/brands/cuts for a minimal additional charge. CLICK THIS LINK (or the image below) to see all of your options!