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Shitting Saban
When a BCS juggernaut visits three straight championship games, the media and fan base take success for granted....but if one possesses the meticulously perfectionist mind necessary to engineer such a formidable football powerhouse, they never relent or rest on laurels.

Nick Saban is just such a man. Coaching the top-ranked defending champion Alabama Crimson Tide with six titles to his name, Saban never lets down his guard or assumes attitude he recently reaffirmed with a phenomenal quote at a pre-season press conference.

Addressing training camp injuries that had depleted his linebacking corps, Coach Saban emphasized that this was a real challenge and that Bama didn’t have an endless supply of five-star recruits. “You just think, whatever happens, we just shit another player...” he lamented.

Maybe Nick can’t shit players, but the way that Alabama consistently fields pro-caliber talent it wouldn’t surprise anyone to learn they popped out of his ass...exactly how this goofy tee envisions his unorthodox recruiting process.

Like all National Fanthem designs, this is not an official product of any player, league, franchise, school, or digestion aid -- it's just a fun piece of unique art from our imagination available on 100% cotton preshrunk tees in sizes small through 5XL.
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