National Fanthem designs represent original artistic expressions inspired by our love of various teams and sports, but (obviously) are not official team/league/school/organization/player merchandise or endorsed by any team or league or school or organization or player in any way. For official licensed merchandise consisting of actual logos and devoid of fans' perspective, editorial comment or artistic expression, please visit and support the registered websites of your favorite organizations.

NBA fans and scouts often hear tales and rumors of European hoopsters who stand as tall as giants but have game like agile guards...occasionally the stories pan out (Nowitzki, Gasol, Sabonis), often they do not (Milicic, Tskitishvili, Bargnani) making such anomalous big men as elusive and desired as the mythical unicorn.

Behold the magnificent creature that is Kristaps Porzingis!

A 20-year old 7-foot-3 Latvian, Kristaps was booed by New Yorkers when selected by the Knicks with the fourth pick of the 2015 draft but has quickly won over Gotham with his dazzling play and uncommon skill set. He’s also impressed the rest of the Association including all-world forward Kevin Durant who said, “He can shoot, he can make the right plays, he can defend, he’s a 7-footer that can shoot all the way out to the 3-point line. That’s rare. And block shots — that’s like a unicorn in this league.”

And so the legend grew of this Latvian unicorn....though perhaps given his team name it’s more appropriate to call him the U-Knick-Orn! Jump on the back of this magical beast with this fun new shirt that incorporates Big Apple basketball, mysticism, national pride and just plain silliness.

Like all National Fanthem designs, this is not an official product of any player, league, franchise, or legendary woodland creature -- it's just a fun piece of unique art from our imagination; drawn by hand and rendered digitally as a lossless high-resolution vector graphic for optimal printing. It comes on 100% cotton preshrunk tees in sizes small through 5XL. (Alternate brands/cuts/colors/sizes can be custom-printed for little additional cost).
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