National Fanthem designs represent original artistic expressions inspired by our love of various teams and sports, but (obviously) are not official team/league/school/organization/player merchandise or endorsed by any team or league or school or organization or player in any way. For official licensed merchandise consisting of actual logos and devoid of fans' perspective, editorial comment or artistic expression, please visit and support the registered websites of your favorite organizations.

When Lance Armstrong finally came clean about his artificial career on Oprahs' couch, the confession was neither shocking nor a revelation to any sports fan with common sense...but it was a blow to the fans who wanted to believe, to the stricken whose inspiration was undermined, and to the supporters of his foundation which -- like everything else connected to Armstrong -- was conceived for self-promotion and upon prevarication more than altruism.

Instead of Livestrong, it should be called Lie Strong.

Presumably that organization has done much good with the money it has raised - and many claim that this beneficence justifies the lies, but we call bullshit. The same money could have been donated without Livestrong, simply given to alternate programs that did not advance the Armstrong/Nike brand...alternately, if contributions were motivated merely by the sham that was the "Armstrong Miracle", isn't that just fraud? Can the Red Cross sell the Brooklyn Bridge so long as it buys bandages with the proceeds?

Livestrong is a "charity" concocted by an ad agency that spent money on promotional stadium naming rights, that spun-off a for-profit consumer line and which sold trendy wristbands that were purchased by going through (another brand known for crap products masked via aggressive marketing). We hope this foundation has stronger moral fiber than its founder, but we're certain there are more deserving alternatives.

It's time to tear down everything connected to Armstrong the way that he tore down anyone who dared to tell the truth in his unsavory wake. It's time to tear off your bogus wristband...and make sure that you rip it along the "V", leaving the marketing measure to read "Lie Strong"

Like all National Fanthem, it's not an official shirt of any player, school, organization or blood bank -- it's just a comical piece of original art from our imagination; drawn by hand and rendered digitally as a lossless high-resolution vector graphic for perfect printing. It's available on Charcoal, Indigo, Black, Forest, or Kiwi heavyweight pre-shrunk shirts in sizes small through 5XL. (Alternate brands/cuts/colors/sizes can be custom-printed for little additional cost).

(Children/Women's Sizes Available)